7° ed. International Trade & Show Dance Event

Fortezza da Basso, from 23/02/2012 to 26/02/2012

Dance at the Fair is an event dedicated to the amazing world of dance at 360 degrees, one of the largest in the business are and the only one of international proportions. 


Dance at the Fair is an event dedicated to all fans and dance professionals for an meeting in which events, shows, competitions, contests, parades, exhibitions, lectures and workshops enliven the Fair of Florence offering a festival full opportunities that can not to be missed.
Lovers of dance and dancers of all kinds to Dance at the Fair will have the opportunity to attend lectures and professional stage, in the program courses for both children and adults, to attend with incredible performances by famous names from the worlds of dance and take part in contests and competitions in which to prove your talent. From ballet to dance music, Caribbean dance from the musical.
And then a great exhibition of products of all kinds to practice the true art in Dance at the Fair. Clothing, accessories for dancing, shoes, tailors specialized, publishing, fitness, dance companies and schools that offer your program. Dance at the Fair is a unique opportunity to get in touch with all the realities that revolve around this world that is increasingly full of charm and magic.

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