Expo Rurale Toscana 2013

From 12 to 15 September 2013, will be held in Florence at the Fortezza del Basso, the third edition of Expo Rural Tuscany, the event dedicated to the rural world organized and promoted by the Tuscany Region. Never before this year the country comes to town, a few steps from the most famous cathedral in the world and the ancient heart of Florence, where you can still feel the breath of the city "cradle of the Renaissance."

Meadows and cultivated fields, vineyards and olive trees instead of asphalt, fruits and products of Tuscany between the fourteenth century walls of Florence, but especially all the animals that make Tuscany a jewel of agrobiodiversity. This will be for three days the landscape that offer the look of everyone who want to learn Tuscan agriculture, one of the masterpieces of world heritage.
The third edition of Rural Expo 2013 promises to be full of news and events: starting with the times ... Because the countryside at night, under the stars, is even more beautiful: the Fortress Rural Expo will remain open well beyond the sunset.