La nostra Davos 2012


9 and 10 May will arrive at Palazzo Vecchio, Premier Mario Monti, the President of European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso and the President of BCE Mario Draghi, along with the CEO, presidents and representatives of the "big companiesenergy.

Two days dedicated to the economy and energy. The first day will start with the Premier Monti and two sessions dedicated to economy’s government and relationship with the world. After Monti preside Draghi, the European Commissioner Olli Rehn EuPassera and Montezemolo. All meetings will be coordinated by a panel of IUE teachers or the Economist and  Financial Times press.

The next day, the debate on energy and energy policies, sensitive topic for the relationship with geopolitics, national and supranational interests, such as the gas crisis with Russia this winter.

Admission restricted to a thousand guests at the Salone dei Cinquecento, in live streaming. Moderated Debate, but with solicitations from the public.