In the light of Caravaggio


"Paint the way, and the examples out of the natural"

“In the light of Caravaggio” is an unique and surprising overview of naturalism of Caravaggio in the universe populated by extraordinary artists of quality,


often unknown to the public, but certainly not inferior in invention and technical expertise to the great master of Lombardy. The exhibition is also a unique opportunity to see Mary Magdalene by Caravaggio exposed for the first time in Italy. The exhibition opens on the famous words of the Marquis Vincenzo Giustiniani extract from “the Sermon on the painting”.
Next to the Magdalene is shown as a artwork, which is also uniquel in Italy by Guido Reni, St. Cecilia, an early artwork of the Bolognese master here looks quite the classicism of Raphael.

Show sponsored by the City of Montale
Free Academy and the Association for the Study of Caravaggio
under the auspices of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture
Region of Tuscany and the Province of Pistoia
Association in collaboration with NPO "One Heart, One World"
Heart Hospital in support of G. Pasquinucci Foundation G.Monastery of Massa.

The Castle Villa Smilee - Via G. Garibaldi n. 2 / A - 51037 Montale (PT) -
Opening Wednesday, November 30
hours: daily from 9.00 to 23.00
City of Montale, Via Gramsci n. 19-51037 Montale (PT)
U.R.P. - tel. 0573/952265 - 0573/952229;
Cultural Office - 0573/952234