National Assembly SINU 2013

In Florence, in the picturesque scenery of the Palace of Congresses, from 21/10/2013 to 22/10/2013, there will be “Understanding and applying the LARN”. This is the theme of the National Assembly SINU of 2013, which is the ideal continuation of the Congress organized by the same company last year in Bologna where she was presented with the 2012 revision of the LARN.

Taking note of how urgent the need to carry the new reference values ​​for diet in professional practice, this year’s SINU reaches out to its members and those working in the field of human nutrition to discuss their application aspects of the LARN.

The new LARN have had the great merit to drive the critical step of the concept of nutritional requirements for minimum levels of intake to recommended intake levels or adjusted, or the concept of health as the absence of disease than as individual well-being and health of the population . Individualize behaviors and recommendations in the field of nutrition and promote the concept of nutrition as a flexible tool that adapts to the individual, this is the innovative contribution of the new LARN, this is the training proposal of the Conference, with special attention to sections of the population considered from a nutritional point of view sensitive or at risk