Fortezza da Basso, from 17/12/2011 to 18/12/2011

Nimi Festival is a major international event, Italy and Japan, designed to: Bridging the cultural, economic and social differences between Florence and Kyoto, a consolidation of the twinning between the two cities.

  • Create business opportunities for companies.
  • To offer a direct and privileged channel for companies, businesses and professionals.
  •  To be a spectacular event for the public.
  • Propose a 360 ° perspective of Japanese culture in Italy.

Nimi is acroym for Nippon Meets Italy
To pick ou the meeting between the two countries and two distant cultures but intrinsically loving each other, lovers of beauty, nature, art and life, in different ways but with the same intensity. '
Nimi wants to see the beginning of the path of these two "ways" that lead to the same destination, a place of our meeting

Nimi wants to be the point of reference for the socio-economic and cultural exchange between Italy and Japan. You want to build a bridge between Florence and Kyoto, a special channel for institutions, companies and professionals who participate.Focused attention on excellence in all areas and looking well geared to the pop culture of the two countries.

WHY THE EVENT [Japanese Film Festival]
Because the time is ripe for the realization of an event, the bridge between Italy and Japan, which has as a stage in Florence?

  • Why the deep balance between phisical and spirit, mind and thought, creates an unbreakable historical link between the two cultures.
  • Why the interest in this aspect of community is evident by the number of minor events that are constantly made.
  • Why the existing events, smaller and sector press and merged into a reality and has more dignity and recognizable personalities in the world.
  • Why the economy, culture and Italian companies clain, and demand visibility that Japan is ready to concede.                   Promote social interaction through the underground culture.