XXVIII Biennal – International Biennal Antiques fair of Florence

Antique dealers, collectors, scholars and art lovers, prepare biennial appointment with the International Exhibition Market of Florence, now in its twenty-eighth edition, Palazzo Corsini October 5 to 13. The seventy-four workers (63 Italian and 11 foreign) will set up their stands in a setting specially designed by Luigi Pizzi. Are expected in the course of the event, more than 25,000 visitors.

5000 will be about the works selected by the exhibitors for their rarity and quality and previously carefully screened by the various committees of specialists to check authenticity ‘and conservation. The opening of the Biennale will be preceded on the evening of October 3 by a gala dinner in the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio in the presence of the authorities’ towns and Sustainer of the Committee, chaired by Marchesa Bona Frescobaldi. In addition to these festivities opening, there will be the traditional and impressive display of fireworks over the Arno, in closing. The Biennale will find, this year, its own counterpoint in an exhibition staged at the Museo Bardini entitled” No Returns 2” in which will be exhibited works purchased by the Italian antiquarians on the international market and reported in Italy.