Zhang Huan Exhibition: The Soul and Matter



Until  October 13th 2013 will take place in Florence "The Soul and Matter", the most important exhibition in Italy of Zhang Huan, a Chinese artist of the most interesting contemporary international scene. The exhibition, is hosted in two of the landmarks of the city, Palazzo Vecchio and Forte Belvedere, establishes the encounter between two great cultural capitals: Florence, site of the Renaissance and Shanghai new "factory" and creative capital of the XXI Century.

  Zhang Huan was fascinated by the art of the great masters of our past such as Donatello, Michelangelo, Vasari, who at the time celebrated the political and patronage of the Florentine Republic and the Medici. And from reflections taken from his stay in Florence, was born an exhibition that aims at a fruitful dialogue between tradition and experimentation, in an investigation that unfolds between earthly reality and spirituality. The Soul and Matter which collects some of the most significant works of the artist's latest production, gets down compared to the historical culture with contemporary, operating on the double track Chinese and Western iconography.