About World Cycling Championships

Dear Customer,

 Looking forward to welcome you in our hotel in Florence , we wish to inform you that in the period from Saturday 21st to Sunday, September 29th including in Florence and Tuscany will be held in the WORLD CYCLING ROAD . An event of immense potential and importance for our city .




From 4 October to 5 October 2013, will be held in Florence at the Fortezza del Basso, "Vendingtogo" the biggest and most important event in the world dedicated to the Vending, which aims to facilitate contacts between professionals and to promote the vending excellence of companies in the area.

Shop & The City

From October 19 to 27, will be held in Florence at the Fortezza del Basso, the first edition of "Shop & the City". At the exhibition visitors will have the opportunity to "meet" : forniture, from the most famous brand to the most high level craftsmanship ,designer items, gift ideas, rare books, handmade choccolates and other goodies.

Civic Art in Florence between Middle Age and Renaissance

Until December 8th, 2013 the exhibition "Civic Art in Florence between Middle Age and Renaissance" takes place at the Gallery of Fine Arts. The exhibition introduces to the public artworks, dating back to the Commune and Republican periods, created with the aim to enrich public palaces of Florence.

The Prodigious Shoemaker

Until  March 31st 2014, at Ferragamo Museum in Florence will take place "The prodigious shoemaker- Tales and legends of shoes and shoemakers", edited by Stefania Ricci, Sergio Recovered, Luca Scarlini. A magical show that, between fairly tale and reality, combines art, comics, music, video and mythical traditions.

Antonio Canova. Beauty and memory

Until October 21st 2013, in Buonarroti's home  in Florence will be held an exhibition "Beauty and the memory'', edited by Giuliana Ericani, on a important protagonist of neoclassical Antonio Canova. Exhibition presents drawings and especially engravings of the master, expression of the moment of planning, and some casts refined.

Horne & Friends. Florence a dream to save

Until  December 7th 2013, will be held at the museum Horne  in Florence , "Horne & Friends Florence a dream to save", edited by Elizabeth Nardinocchi and Matilde Casati, an exhibition that for the first time traces the History of Percy Herbert Horne, shedding light on little-known aspects of the formation and versatile artistic and cultural activity of the elegant English character, mainly known as a scholar and collector of the Florentine Renaissance.

Zhang Huan Exhibition: The Soul and Matter



Until  October 13th 2013 will take place in Florence "The Soul and Matter", the most important exhibition in Italy of Zhang Huan, a Chinese artist of the most interesting contemporary international scene. The exhibition, is hosted in two of the landmarks of the city, Palazzo Vecchio and Forte Belvedere, establishes the encounter between two great cultural capitals: Florence, site of the Renaissance and Shanghai new "factory" and creative capital of the XXI Century.

Matthias Corvinus And Florence. Art and Humanism at the court of Hungary's King

From 10 October 2013 to 6 January 2014, will be held in Florence, in the San Marco Museum, an exhibition which has as its main theme the relationship that King Matthias Corvinus had with Florence, with his artists, his  illuminators and all the cultural circle which revolved around Lorenzo de 'Medici.

Expo Rurale Toscana 2013

From 12 to 15 September 2013, will be held in Florence at the Fortezza del Basso, the third edition of Expo Rural Tuscany, the event dedicated to the rural world organized and promoted by the Tuscany Region. Never before this year the country comes to town, a few steps from the most famous cathedral in the world and the ancient heart of Florence, where you can still feel the breath of the city "cradle of the Renaissance."