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Easter in Florence, traditions and timeless passions

Easter is not just a religious celebration, but a different air blows in the streets and squares of Florence already from the previous weeks: the Easter period brings a new atmosphere.

The windows of the houses open up to the mild wind, the people stroll through the alleys, the ice cream is again a real pleasure not only for children. The sun warms the paving of Piazza Signoria, the green and white marble blocks of the Duomo façade shine differently, the faces light up with smiles. A true Italian lifestyle, an effect that amuses me every year and reminds me of the arrival of spring, of the longest days and of the favorable temperature embracing both Florentines and travelers.

In April and in the Easter period many exhibitions in our city museums are renewed, the one I suggest not to miss is "Verrocchio. Master of Leonardo" at Palazzo Strozzi, on schedule until July 14. Do you know that in 2019 the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci will be celebrated in Italy and in the world? The village of Vinci is worth a visit and Florence was the city where Leonardo's art and science developed most.

It is also the period of typical Easter sweets: my favorites are undoubtedly the pan di ramerino - a simple and delicious delicacy - and the quaresimali, cocoa-based cookies representing the alphabet. The pastry shops have plenty of them!


The appointment with the Brindellone


The Brindellone appears in the city only once a year, on Easter Sunday, but thanks to its spectacularity is worth waiting for 364 days!

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, here is the answer: the traditional Easter celebration in Florence is the Scoppio del Carro (The Burst of the Cart) and the cart, first created in 1494 by the De’ Pazzi family,  is called Brindellone.

It is a 9-meter high cart, similar to a massive tower and edged with pyrotechnic decorations.

The historic Florentine parade and the cart moving through the intricate streets of Florence is a unique spectacle, which you can admire perfectly from its starting point, a few steps from our Grand Hotel Adriatico.

All Florentines await this rite with hopes and desires, now as centuries ago.

Placed between the Duomo and the Baptistery, the Brindellone stands proudly waiting for a dove-shaped rocket (called colombina) connected to the cart by a wire and threw from the cathedral altar. If the colombina succeeds without any hitch to make all fireworks burn, the Florentines will applause noisily and manifest their joy, because, now as in origin, it is a good omen for the year to come.

If you are in Florence, do not miss it! You will see the typical folklore of Italians and Florentines.


The out of town trip, but not only!


Another tradition in the Easter week is the out-of-town excursion with the outdoor picnics. If you are in Florence, I suggest you a day trip to the Chianti hills where good food, the superb wine and the unique landscape in the world will give you special emotions. At the reception, we will give you all information to move in the best way.

If you do not want to drive, exciting moments await you also in the city. The Cascine Park, the Bardini Garden and the Boboli Gardens are popular destinations. Moreover, our monuments are more beautiful than ever in spring. I love to go with my family to the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, where the artistic beauties in the halls are a magnificent preview of Brunelleschi's Dome, which can be admired in all its wonder just from the museum's terraces.

Remember that spring gives way to summer in the blink of an eye and the city dressed in sunshine is as fascinating as ever before


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