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Exploring the hills of Florence by car

The beauty of Florence's city center is well known around the world, thanks to the artistic and cultural masterpieces it holds. However, the extraordinary richness of this area of Tuscany extends beyond the walls of Florence: the surrounding towns are delightful to visit, with their typical products, ancient traditions, and picturesque landscapes.

Would you like to explore the attractions near Florence, in addition to the city center? Your ideal starting point is the Grand Hotel Adriatico, a hotel with secure parking right in the historic center.

A unique convenience!


Discovering the surroundings of Florence


If you arrive in Florence with your car, you can leave it safely in our private parking and take it back by yourself whenever you want to explore the Florentine surroundings. On a hill adjacent to the city, you'll catch sight of Fiesole, a charming village from which you can admire unforgettable sunsets, preferably in the company of your loved ones. Once the wealthiest town in Tuscany, it boasts a history steeped in art and science, thanks to the presence of renowned figures such as Mino da Fiesole and Leonardo da Vinci, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Albert Einstein. The Vincigliata Castle, the San Francesco Convent, and the Roman Theater are must-visit stops during your trip to Fiesole.

On the opposite side of the city, the landscape is painted green and scented with fine grapes: we're in the Chianti hills, famous worldwide for the production of the eponymous wine. Besides excellent wine tastings, this lush area attracts with its small villages that dot the perimeter. Each village holds a unique and fascinating history, historic palaces intertwine with breathtaking natural landscapes, the typical cuisine tantalizes the palate and satisfies all the senses, accompanied by a good glass of local wine. Montefioralle, Castellina in Chianti, and Gaiole in Chianti are just a few of the characteristic locations we recommend visiting in the Chianti region.

Before returning to our hotel with parking in Florence, set aside at least an hour for one last, captivating stop. San Gimignano is still surrounded by medieval walls and its social life revolves around Piazza della Cisterna, the heart of the historic center adorned with medieval tower houses.

The main attractions of this small gem are the San Gimignano Cathedral, which hosts splendid frescoes by Ghirlandaio, and the Torre Grossa, a majestic stone fortress


The luxury of a hotel with private parking


Finding a safe and affordable parking spot in the heart of Florence is truly a challenging task. But you don’t need to worry at all when staying at the Grand Hotel Adriatico: ours is one of the few hotels in the city center with private parking. A small, great luxury that will allow you to fully enjoy your vacation if you're traveling by car.

Our parking area accommodates up to 30 cars, has a dedicated space for motorcycles, and is equipped with a charging station for electric cars: if you're traveling green, you're welcome at the Grand Hotel Adriatico!

You can park your car in our parking lot for a daily fee of 24 euros. Worried about it being full? No problem: in that case, you can entrust your car to the Europa Garage, located in Borgo Ognissanti. It's just 100 meters from the hotel, and the daily rate is the same. A true convenience!

Thanks to our private parking, you can comfortably explore the historic center of Florence on foot, while using your car for excursions in the surrounding areas.


Experience a worry-free vacation at our hotel with parking in the center of Florence: book your stay at the Grand Hotel Adriatico now and start dreaming of the enchanting wonders of Tuscany.

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