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Lights, cribs and markets: 3 good reasons to visit Florence in December

In December, Florence is a brand new city: the thousand lights of Christmas, an exhibition of cribs in every corner of the historic center, an ice rink and a special guide of Florence for your children. Can you imagine something better?

If there is a moment during the year when it's really worth coming to Florence, that's December, because everything is brighter, creative and cooler than ever.

Are you guessing what you can do in Florence this time of the year? You have plenty of choice.


200 cribs in the shop windows

The crib, a small representation of the birth of Jesus, is an old Italian tradition, highly celebrated in cinema, theater, painting and art.

The Rivoli Boutique Hotel, another hotel belonging to our group, with its seventh edition of the Crib Exhibition and Santa Claus Village, this year joins the event Put a Crib in your Shop Window, a wonderful exhibition of cribs spread throughout the historic center.

More than 200 shops in the center of Florence will show their own crib: a 17th century crib will be displayed in an antique shop in Borgo degli Albizi; a “prosciutteria” will make a crib using the classic Chianti stuffed bottles; the baker will use the bread; a vintner will exhibit an original papier-mâché crib by the artist Carmine de Maria of San Gregorio Armeno.

The Rivoli Hotel has its crib in the window on Via della Scala, which invites you to come in to see the Crib Exhibition and the Villaggio di Santa Claus, which you can see from the outside through a porthole.




The lights love the monuments

Firenze Light Festival has begun!

Living in Florence, I often ask to myself how it could be possibile to create something more extraordinary than our beloved monuments: the answer is Firenze Light Festival!

From December 8th to January 6th the Florence Light Festival will dress all the monuments of new light, first of all Ponte Vecchio!

To enjoy the show, there is nothing better than walking along the lungarni, a few steps from the hotel, towards Ponte Vecchio. Stop to dive in the lights of the bridge and then turn left, make a stop in the delightful Christmas Market of Piazza Santa Croce (which will be all lit up for the occasion), then go back along the Cathedral and the Baptistery: with all that lights, the monuments of Florence are more beautiful than ever.

Modernity and History meet: it can only be love at first sight ... or at first light, you decide!


Places and museums suitable for children

I know how hard is travelling around the world with kids: I am a mother of two and, even if now they are fully grown up, I perfectly remember how difficult it was to make them appreciate art and museums.

This is why my staff and I made a children-guide of Florence! A guide where you play games while visiting the most beautiful churches and palaces in Florence. A sort of treasure hunt, made of discoveries, anecdotes and stories. Ask the concierge, we will be happy to give it as a gift.

At Christmas then we have the Winter Park, open until February 24, with a skating rink where kids and children can vent all their energy.

In the evening, our family rooms will be the warm refuge where everyone can treasure the best memory of the day.


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