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Florence, is the time to relax

Florence is not just beauty, art and culture. Whether it is a business trip or a pleasure trip, in the cradle of the Renaissance you cannot give up the beneficial and regenerating effect of massages. Before visiting the monuments of the city or returning after shopping in the center, regenerate body and mind with a treatment organized by our hotel, alone or as a couple. Alternatively - or in addition - the Grand Hotel Adriatico offers facial treatments, manicures and pedicures.


Holistic massage: balance between body and spirituality


Restoring balance and harmony between body, mind and spirit: this is the goal of the holistic massage. The philosophy of treatment has its roots directly in holistic medicine. The latter focuses on individual well-being, both in an interior perspective and in relation to the external environment.

Holistic massage professionals act on the so-called energy meridians. According to some oriental medicines, the energy meridians are considered to be all those channels present in every organism and within which vital energy flows. By manipulating these points, the proponents of this type of massage find a 360-degree balance that also involves the emotional part of a person.


Swedish massage: widespread well-being


Swedish massage is one of the most popular treatments in the Western world. The name derives directly from the country where it was born, even if it is known to most as “standard traditional massage”, “western basic massage”, “western classic massage”.

The goal of the Swedish massage is to spread a general feeling of well-being in the individual, both physically and mentally. Professionals rely on specific massage oils and different body manipulation techniques that generally involve all parts of the body. The techniques used consist of brushing, rubbing, percussion, kneading and friction.


Couple massage: between emotion and sharing


The couple's massage is a very popular type of treatment that allows you to share the experience of a relaxing message with another person (be it a partner, relative or friend).

In this type of treatment, sharing of the moment plays a fundamental role, thanks to a room specially designed to enhance every moment of the experience, with soft lighting and background music.


Whether it is a massage or a specific treatment - face, manicure and pedicure - do not miss the opportunity to stay at Grand Hotel Adriatico, allowing yourself a moment of relaxation, alone or in company. Book by clicking here.

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