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Green Hotel Florence

We love beauty. We love the planet.


Florence and Tuscany are full of beauty and the Grand Hotel Adriatico wants to be part of preserving that for future generations.

We decided to become a green hotel, and join Lifegate’s Stay For The Planet project, which evaluates positive and sustainable behavior adopted by hotels to respect the environment.


Our green hotel is committed to:

  • Controlling consumption and efficiency of electricity and heating
  • Saving money and not wasting water
  • Managing waste through proper recyling
  • Using products and raw materials with low environmental impact
  • Managing logistics and mobility without waste and raising awareness among suppliers and customers

What is it?

By joining the LifeGate project this hotel commits to managing its activities in a sustainable manner by monitoring consumption rates, taking actions towards energy effi ciency and reducing its environmental impact through responsible behaviour.

How does it work

A SUSTAINABILITY RATING assigned by LifeGate’s Scientific Committee. The five leaf rating system calculates the hotel’s environmental performance score based on five different areas of impact.


  • ENERGY:: sources and consumption of electricity and heating, energy efficiency of buildings and equipment.
  • WATER: monitoring and saving of water consumption.
  • WASTE: waste type and production, waste management and prevention measures.
  • PURCHASES: low impact supplies of raw materials, service products and durable materials.
  • BEHAVIOURS: organisation of suppliers’ logistics, staff and customer mobility management, creation of awareness initiatives for guests and links to sustainable local initiatives.

Make the difference

  • In your room

  • If you can, take the stairs instead of the lift: you can save 0.05 kW for every trip and… get some exercise.
  • Save energy, yours and that of your electronic devices: “rest” your lights (if you don’t need them) and unplug your phone and computer charger when they’re fully charged, otherwise they consume more.
  • Beware of the temperature: in winter for every additional degree centigrade, 334 kg of CO2 are emitted annually. In summer, the maximum difference between the inside and the outside temperature mustn’t exceed 6°C in order to maintain a healthy environment.
  • In the bathroom

  • When you brush your teeth remember to close the tap and to use a glass to rinse: it’s easier and allows you to save watee.
  • A shower is “eco” if it’s brief: up to 60 litres are consumed in five minutes …
  • …and if you can, regulate the temperature beforehand: to obtain 40-45°C water up to 15% is wasted!
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