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LGBTQ+ Hotel in Florence


We embrace diversity: all colors, cultures, ethnicities, sensibilities, and sexual orientations are equal in our eyes. Grand Hotel Adriatico promotes a hospitality that is open, free of prejudice and based on the uniqueness of each individual. 
That's why we are an LGBTQ+ friendly hotel in Florence. And we are proud of it.

Concretely by your side

We do not limit ourselves to words; our commitment is real and tangible. Grand Hotel Adriatico is a member of ILGTA (association of travel agents specialized in LGBTQ+ tourism). 

We are also implementing a protocol for a new model of gay-friendly hospitality based on inclusion, self-determination, and free from discrimination. The "D&I" protocol (Diversity and Inclusion) sees collaboration with AIGLT - a national LGBTQ+ tourism body - and Sonders&Beach - an international tourism group working for the absolute inclusiveness of tourist destinations.

Why choose us

Our hotel in the heart of Florence is the ideal choice for a customized, safe, and carefree stay. The professional and smiling staff will help you discover the city's most beautiful attractions, just a short walk from us. We will suggest you all the events, stores, clubs, and meeting points of the LGBTQ+ community in Florence, for amazing moments from dawn to dusk.

Choose Grand Hotel Adriatico and come back to visit us: we will give you all the attention of an old friend visiting our home.

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