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October Flavor: Autumnal Delights at Our Restaurant

The summer heat finally dissipates, the air becomes crisp and clean, the historic center slowly empties of tourists, while Florentines gradually reclaim the city. October heralds the arrival of autumn in Florence, a delightful time of year, filled with bold aromas and colors captured by a painting.

Strolling through the attractions of the city center, just a few steps from the Grand Hotel Adriatico, provides unexpected views of the city, which softens under the warm autumn lights and is adorned with seasonal foliage, ranging from canary yellow to purple.

The cooler temperatures invite you to take refuge in a café for a hot chocolate or a spiced herbal tea, taste the magnificent wines of the September harvest, and indulge in seasonal delights.

Autumn in Tuscany is a true treat for the soul and the palate, as you will discover while staying at the Grand Hotel Adriatico and enjoying the dishes of the Opera Restaurant.


A celebration of autumnal scents


Autumn is the ideal season to discover and rediscover local excellences, from the scents of the woods to the fragrance of freshly harvested vegetables, to the magnificent cuts of our local meat. Seasonal dishes in Tuscan cuisine are characterized by authentic flavors, body, and warmth: they fill the heart as well as satisfy the stomach.

If you wish to taste these specialties in an elegant yet welcoming environment, our in-house restaurant - Opera - is the perfect place. The ingredients on the menu are preferably seasonal and local, the preparations are meticulously crafted, and they are accompanied by a wide selection of wines to celebrate the flavors of autumn.

From season to season, the menu evolves, adorned with different colors, scents, and ingredients: only in this way can we guarantee you a high-quality experience every time you sit at our tables.

This autumn, our chef has skillfully selected some enticing offerings with enveloping scents and full flavor, to savor leisurely in the company of your loved ones. The finest vegetables from the market are transformed into a velvety vegetable soup, which pairs perfectly with toasted crostini and a drizzle of sparkling Tuscan olive oil.


Meat, the highlight of the menu


Meat, especially red meat, is closely associated with the cold season, consumed in smaller quantities in the summer when fish, cheeses, vegetables, or salads are preferred. So, welcome autumn and welcome back meat, a cornerstone of Tuscan culinary tradition.

In the kitchens of the Opera Restaurant, we only handle cuts of the highest quality from trusted suppliers to deliver the genuine taste of our land with every bite.

In autumn, our meat-based specialties populate the menu: from the classic Florentine steak - which never disappoints - to the Peposo dell'Impruneta, and to pancetta-wrapped pork fillet medallions with rosemary oil, a unique fusion of flavors.

The Florentine steak, strictly cooked rare, is the emblem of citizen tradition and pairs wonderfully with the famous local labels, from Chianti Classico to Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, all featured on our wine list.

Peposo is a beef stew that simmers for hours over low heat with red wine and whole peppercorns. A boldly flavored delicacy with ancient origins, according to tradition: it is said that the recipe dates back to the construction of the Florence Cathedral's Dome, when the brickworkers cooked beef in earthenware containers placed at the mouth of the oven used for baking bricks. A dish with such a remote history definitely deserves a taste at our restaurant, don't you think?


Let yourself be enveloped by the scents of autumn in Tuscany: stay at the Grand Hotel Adriatico in Florence and book your table at the Opera Restaurant.

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