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Summer in Florence, between exhibitions and museums

After the exhibition dedicated to Donatello, two other exhibitions and a new museum (close to our hotel) arrive in Florence, which have generated many expectations since the presentations.

One more reason to stay at Grand Hotel Adriatico and experience the cultural heritage of the cradle of the Renaissance at 360 degrees.


The largest miniature train museum in Europe

About 300 square meters of tracks, stations and 70 trains. The convoys move from North to South Italy, from the mountains to the coast, from the city to the suburbs.

Peering inside the wagons, passengers can also be seen. Some are busy reading the newspaper, others are enjoying the ride looking out the window. Still others are preparing to get off, luggage in hand.

It is in the sign of great attention to detail that the miniature train museum, one of the largest in Europe, has opened its doors at the HZero (former Cinema Odeon), in Piazza Ottaviani in Florence.

The monumental railway model owes a lot to its creator, Giuseppe Paternò Castello di San Giuliano, who began to design it with great passion in 1972. Once the work was completed (thanks to the contribution of his sons), the miniature work has been the basis, for years, in a hangar in Scandicci. Now it contributes to the development of the neighborhood in which it is finally exhibited, Santa Maria Novella.

Entirely made in Ho scale, another railway modeling enthusiast, Carlo Brandolini d’Adda, contributed to its final realization.

But the fledgling miniature train museum also offers other content to visitors. On the upper floor of the building, in a temporary setting, scrolls a selection of vintage newsreels, from the historical archive of the Italian FS Foundation.

In the adjacent teaching room, museum visitors will be able to enjoy the last stages of the creation of the work, thanks to a documentary of about 25 minutes.


Let's Get Digital! celebrates new artistic horizons 

What if an exhibition could help us investigate that ever thinner boundary between real and digital? Until July 31, in the courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi and the Strozzina, Let's Get Digital! explores the new frontiers of reality and digital.

The exhibition offers a focus on the revolution in art produced by NFT, through the works of international artists such as Refik Anadol, Daniel Arsham, the collective Anyma, Krista Kim, Beeple and Andrés Reisinger.

The exhibition unfolds between multimedia experiences and digital installations that celebrate the new artistic expressions of Crypto Art, in turn based on NFT.

The exhibition is open every day; Thursday even in the evening.


Da Vinci Experience, a tribute to the genius of the Renaissance

Da Vinci Experience celebrates the greatest genius of the Renaissance with an immersive exhibition at the Cathedral of the Image, inside the church of Santo Stefano al Ponte, in Piazza Santo Stefano.

The protagonist will still be digital. In fact, thanks to a videomapping project, the visitor plunges into the history of Leonardo Da Vinci appreciating, in an unprecedented way, his most successful works.

The exhibition offers some examples of the machines designed by Leonardo - taken from the original sketches - both in scale and in full size.

The exhibition, which can be visited every day, does not yet have an end date.


Book now your stay at Grand Hotel Adriatico, discover the largest miniature train museum in Europe and the most anticipated exhibitions of the Florentine summer.


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