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Viareggio and the Carnival, a fantastic combination

The Viareggio Carnival is the event par excellence of the Viareggio area. Considered one of the most important Carnival events in the world, the allegorical floats that animate the parades address, in a satirical key, the major themes that characterize current events: from national and international political ones, passing through environmental and social issues, these are the instances staged every year.


This edition will start on Saturday 1st February, to end on Tuesday 25 of the same month, that is, on the occasion of the "fat" Tuesday.


Masks and colors, the magic of carnival transforms the whole country


It is a real explosion of colors to frame the Carnival of Viareggio, thanks also to the multiple colors that distinguish the floats. All this is made possible thanks to papier-mâché, a preparation made up of water, glue, plaster and paper which allows it to be decorated with acrylic colors or tempera. In addition to the floats, the majestic intertwining of colors that animates the event is fueled by the masked parties that, as tradition dictates, distinguish the city of Viareggio, both day and night. Music, masks and lots of fun are the cornerstones of these festivals, which are mainly consumed within the districts, where it is possible to savor the most popular part of the town. Between allegorical floats and masked parties, you will find yourself in front of a unique show of its kind which, every year, attracts tourists who love Carnival from all over the world.


Carnival sweets, essential goodness


Not only masks and colors, but also a fine variety of desserts for all palates. We cannot say that we have fully tasted the taste of the Viareggio Carnival if we have not tried the irresistible flavor of sweet pancakes, filled with rice and very sweet raisins. Not least are the "cenci", delicious delicacies to be enjoyed in two versions, cooked in the oven or fried in a pan. Both to be tried, the crispy pastry sprinkled with a veil of sugar will ensure an explosion of incredible flavors, which will satisfy even the most demanding palates. Finally, on this list you cannot miss the "Ondine", fried cakes filled with cream that owe their name to the mask of "Ondina", that is to the companion of Burlamacco, official mask of the Viareggio carnival since 1931.


Florence and the "Children's Carnival" in Borgo Ognissanti


In Florence, however, Borgo Ognissanti will host one of the flagship events of the Florentine carnival: it will be a party dedicated exclusively to children to animate the famous Florentine district. Non-stop animations, circus shows, inflatable shiny workshops, puppet shows and make-up for children: a show built specifically for the little ones, thanks to the precious work of the Borgognissanti Association. The "Children's Carnival of Florence" is the most participated Carnival party in the city, in which there is no shortage of moments of entertainment and aggregation even for adults.


Valentine's Day and the places of Florence full of romance


February is the month of Carnival, but not least is the feast of lovers, Valentine's Day. What better opportunity to experience the magic of passion and love in a city like Florence, perhaps by smacking a kiss on your loved one in one of the symbolic places of the city? Piazzale Michelangelo, the most loved and popular terrace in Florence, is undoubtedly a privileged destination for spending a Valentine's Day in the name of romance. Ponte Vecchio ensures unparalleled emotion close to the historic center of the city. From the Bellosguardo hill instead, you can contemplate a beautiful panorama that embraces the whole city, exchanging tender promises of love. Even in the Parnaso Gardens, located inside the Horticultural Garden, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city, romantically sitting on the benches inside. For a very special Valentine's Day, do not miss the night vision of the "Tepidarium del Roster", a splendid liberty style greenhouse, which is magically illuminated as soon as the sun sets, giving a touch of further magic to the whole park.


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