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Welcome Autumn, triumph of wine and oil in Tuscany

Autumn is an extremely fascinating season for me: Florence and its hills, so familiar during the year, take on unthinkable aspects. The foliage with warm colors envelops monuments, squares and streets in a soft embrace. In the gardens and in the countryside, the green spring leafy branches undress without shame, wearing the gentle nuances of October.

Walking in the historic city center with a slight breeze, enjoying the pleasure of finally covering your arms and legs after the summer heat, is one of my favorite pastimes in early autumn.

But October is also the best month to fully enjoy the world-famous Tuscan food and wine products. In particular, I will accompany you today to discover the full-bodied wines and the lively oil of our lands, true autumn treasures in Tuscany.


Enjoy our wines without haste


Tuscany is the undisputed land of great vineyards, which make our bottles so loved even beyond national boundaries. The quintessence of the best local wines, in the Chianti area, is the Sangiovese, clearly perceptible in almost all DOC varieties.

It is a very valuable red grape, with a strong character and not easy to cultivate, because it can acquire very different scents according the soil and the microclimate of the cultivation area.

Among the best red wines to taste in the cool autumn evenings, perhaps accompanied by a delicious bag of roasted chestnuts, I recommend the Chianti Classico, the Brunello di Montalcino and the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. All precious local products, which require the necessary time and a relaxed state of mind, to fully appreciate the fragrances released by each glass. If you add the sweet company of those you love, each sip will be really perfect.

In my opinion, autumn is the ideal season to discover the great Tuscan red wines, but if you can't do without white ones, don't do it! Tuscany boasts an excellent production of white wines, recognized in recent years also at international level. Vernaccia di San Gimignano, the region's first DOCG white wine, combines well with red meats, Vermentino is more delicate, Bianco di Pitigliano is dry and pleasant on the palate.

So, there are no excuses: our land offers wines for all preferences and enjoying a glass in October is always a good idea.


“Olio novo”, delight of the mill


Tuscan wine naturally combines with another treasure of our region: extra virgin olive oil.

Along our hills, the dense rows of vines chase each other for hectares and hectares, interrupted only by olive groves full irresistible aromas.

In Autumn, in conjunction with the grape harvest, it comes the time of the pressing of the new olive crop. From the oil mills that crowd Tuscan countryside, pleasantly pungent scents rise. This is the sign announcing the production of green gold, as precious as it is genuine.

The new oil (or "olio novo" as we say in Florence), still fresh of pressing, is celebrated between November and December, when festivals are held in many Tuscan villages - I remember Montecarlo, Vinci and Borgo at the Rocca di Montemurlo between the most famous ones.

And how you should taste our oil? With the fettunta, of course! The fettunta ("oily slice") is a very simple and exquisite slice of Tuscan bread, strictly unsalted, drizzled with some local oil. Trust me, it's a real treat! I remember it with tenderness as the snack I used to have as a child ... and I still don't miss the chance to relive those sensations again.

Autumn in Florence, a food and wine tour of great wines and local oil: discover them in our restaurants - Opera Restaurant and Benedicta Restaurant- and prepare your taste buds.



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