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Your safe hotel in Florence

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

The philosophy of the Grand Hotel Adriatico translates, from your very first day, into a sincere and professional hospitality, in a well-trained staff, into a hotel that welcomes you with open arms, into countless different areas, and into absolute safety.

Space and safety are strongholds that today we emphasize with even firmer belief, given the diffuse uncertainty of the past months all over the world. They echo like a mantra, in our halls, in the garden, in the living rooms, in guest rooms, and they make our hotel in Florence the perfect place to resume traveling, for real, not only in your mind.

Services for your carefree holiday:

  • Parking: You can leave your car in the hotel’s own internal private parking lot. With your reservation, you can access the area whenever you want, park easily and personally get your car at any given time. No parking personnel between you and your car: absolute guarantee of safety for your entire family.
  • Location: We’re very close to the Santa Maria Novella station. If you get to Florence by train, you won’t need a taxi or any public transport to get here: just a short, pleasant, and safe walk. Our privileged location, in the heart of the historical center, also allows you to explore the city or to get to your business appointment, always on foot and in full autonomy.
  • Space, space, space: Our hotel has plenty of it, you’ll notice right as you step inside. We’re a barrier-free hotel, therefore suitable for anyone who needs wide spaces: from wide corridors to 3 large lifts and roomy stairs to ensure circulation without ever having too many people sharing the same space. The main hall is as airy as they come; the ground floor is made up of different rooms and lounging areas, to ensure moments of privacy and tranquility to everyone. Large windows let in plenty of natural light and healthy air circulation.
  • Sweet dreams: Sleep peacefully knowing that all surfaces of our rooms are effectively and constantly cleaned and sanitized according to the requested protocol. Our parquet floors, wooden furniture and bathroom ceramics have always been treated - now even more frequently - with sanitizing products. Our pillows, mattresses, curtains and all linen are sanitized by certified companies after every use. Our rooms have bottled water and a kettle with a selection of teas, infusions and coffee, to make sure you’re always hydrated. The hotel also boasts a wide range of rooms that are larger than the minimum requested by law. Have a look at them and you’ll be surprised.
  • Outdoor relaxation: Breathing the crisp caress of the wind and getting lost in the azure Florentine sky with your nose up will give you an incredible sensation of freedom and good mood. Live it at every moment, in our hotel’s internal garden.
  • Florence air: In all our quiet rooms, which don’t face the street, the windows can be opened in full, to let fresh energy in whenever you want! Airing your room has never been easier. And you can count on maximum silence even when your windows are open!
  • Breakfast in your room: At the Grand Hotel Adriatico you can let yourself be pampered with fragrant delicacies as soon as you jump out of bed. We’ve decided to offer our room service so you can start your day calmly and in tranquility. Your private breakfast is varied and prepared with love, like our traditional buffet: super fresh items and plenty of choice for guests with food allergies, gluten intolerance, vegetarians, and vegans.  Do you prefer to kickstart your day away from your bed? Then go for our elegant table service in the garden, in our restaurant, or in the VIP lounges with a view of the hotel’s green areas.
  • Fast and free Wi-Fi: Working remotely is practical and safe: no commuting and independence guaranteed. To do it better, you can rely on our fiber Wi-Fi connection, efficient and super-fast (300/300 Mbps). Incomparable for webinars and work-related connections, right from your hotel room.
  • Safe-distance meetings, easy as pie: If your business meeting needs are in the spotlight of your professional concerns, you have nothing to fear. Our hotel can accommodate your needs. All windows in our rooms can be opened fully to allow for air circulation, and we have redefined the capacity of our spaces, to guarantee business meetings in absolute safety. Thanks to our modern fiber Wi-Fi, you can reach a wider audience using the best performing online video conference platforms.


Prevention above all

Maximum hygiene

  • You’ll find alcohol-based hand sanitizers on all hotel floors, in the common areas, in the fitness rooms, and in all guest rooms.
  • All hotel areas, from guest rooms to common spaces, including corridors and stairs, are sanitized according to the requested procedures and protocols, killing more than 99% of bacteria. The common areas and busiest parts of the hotel are sanitized several times a day.
  • Air conditioner filters are cleaned according to latest-generation procedures, in compliance with the new regulations.
  • All fabrics in the rooms and in the common areas are washed and sanitized according to certified methods.
  • All members of our staff wear personal protective equipment, properly sterilized and in conformity with national guidelines.            

Distances and information

  • We’ve trained the staff of the Grand Hotel Adriatico on the new procedures that must be adopted to safeguard everyone’s health, providing the necessary skills and instruments.
  • Breakfast is served only at the table (no buffet) or comfortably in your room. Room service is served at no additional cost.
  • Our staff controls access to the restaurant room and to all other common spaces, ensuring that the safety distance is maintained between guests and avoiding crowds.
  • You can have dinner at our restaurant, preferably after making a reservation. Our waiters wear masks and gloves, and the tables are arranged so that the proper distance is kept between them.
  • Our chef and kitchen staff prepare each dish with even more care when it comes to hygiene: they all wear masks, gloves and caps, and keep the safety distance between each other.
  • Most of the check-in and check-out operations can be done in fast mode, to speed things up and reduce contact with the reception staff.

Travel inspirations


This is the best time to once again start daydreaming and planning your next trip to Florence, to draw up your list of things to do, see and taste. After so long stuck at home, we’re sure your wish to explore is not lacking at all! Let yourself be inspired by unusual destinations, museums that are little known but unique, typical dishes, and the tips of our Chiara Caridi, whose family has been in Florence for generations.

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