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December, Florence in the name of the warmth of the holidays

December is one of the most awaited months of the year. Thanks to the holidays, there is no shortage of opportunities to gather around loved ones, carve out moments for yourself and take a break before entering the new year. 
Take the opportunity to travel to Florence and experience the city enchanted by the Christmas lights and the festive decorations. 

Feast of the Immaculate Conception 

The entrance into the Christmas holidays has its own long-standing tradition. On December 8, in front of a large crowd of citizens, onlookers and tourists, the officials in charge turn on the lights of the Christmas tree in Piazza Duomo, ushering in the festivities. 
A show that can only be admired at this time of year, which gives a further touch of magic to the cradle of the Renaissance. 
In front of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore you will find a delightful nativity scene. Made with life-size terracotta statues, it will remain in Piazza Duomo together with the tree until the Epiphany. 


Christmas in Florence 

In addition to the graceful Christmas tree, the lights scattered throughout the streets of Florence make the city more fascinating than ever. 
During your stay in Florence let yourself be conquered by the splendor of the streets of the historic centre. You can take a tour of those most dedicated to shopping, or visit the many museums in the city. 
If the beauty of Florence is always the same every day of the year, experiencing it with the fairy-tale atmosphere of Christmas will make your trip special. Think about taking a tour of the splendid Piazza di Santa Croce: in addition to the famous church, you will also find a market in this period, considered by specialist guides to be among the most beautiful in Italy. The stalls of the Heidelberger Weihnachtsmarkt bring a bit of Northern European tradition to the city, with lots of mulled wine, strudel, pretzels and crafts on offer. 
If you prefer the products of local farmers or artisans, you will find them Oltrarno. In this part of the city, less crowded by tourists than elsewhere, you will savor a touch of authentic Florentine life in the merchants' shops, some of which date back to the last century. 
There are many restaurants in the city center that on Christmas Day offer special menus based on the best Tuscan culinary tradition. You'll be spoiled for choice: if you need some advice, the staff of the Grand Hotel Adriatico will be able to direct you according to your preferences.

New Year's Eve in Florence 

Traveling to Florence for New Year's Eve is one of the best ways to say goodbye to 2022 and start 2023 on the right foot. 
The city is preparing to celebrate the festival in the best possible way, thanks to the many attractions located in the various squares in the city. From concerts to free shows to clubs packed with people until late at night, Florence has something to offer for all tastes. 
However, there are opportunities to celebrate the new year in a more intimate way. Cinemas and theaters are open and welcome customers after midnight. 
The December festivities give a magical air to the whole city, never found at other times of the year. Book now with our special offer your stay at the Grand Hotel Adriatico now and experience the charm of Florence in December. 

Summer in Florence, between exhibitions and museums

After the exhibition dedicated to Donatello, two other exhibitions and a new museum (close to our hotel) arrive in Florence, which have generated many expectations since the presentations.

One more reason to stay at Grand Hotel Adriatico and experience the cultural heritage of the cradle of the Renaissance at 360 degrees.


The largest miniature train museum in Europe

About 300 square meters of tracks, stations and 70 trains. The convoys move from North to South Italy, from the mountains to the coast, from the city to the suburbs.

Peering inside the wagons, passengers can also be seen. Some are busy reading the newspaper, others are enjoying the ride looking out the window. Still others are preparing to get off, luggage in hand.

It is in the sign of great attention to detail that the miniature train museum, one of the largest in Europe, has opened its doors at the HZero (former Cinema Odeon), in Piazza Ottaviani in Florence.

The monumental railway model owes a lot to its creator, Giuseppe Paternò Castello di San Giuliano, who began to design it with great passion in 1972. Once the work was completed (thanks to the contribution of his sons), the miniature work has been the basis, for years, in a hangar in Scandicci. Now it contributes to the development of the neighborhood in which it is finally exhibited, Santa Maria Novella.

Entirely made in Ho scale, another railway modeling enthusiast, Carlo Brandolini d’Adda, contributed to its final realization.

But the fledgling miniature train museum also offers other content to visitors. On the upper floor of the building, in a temporary setting, scrolls a selection of vintage newsreels, from the historical archive of the Italian FS Foundation.

In the adjacent teaching room, museum visitors will be able to enjoy the last stages of the creation of the work, thanks to a documentary of about 25 minutes.


Let's Get Digital! celebrates new artistic horizons 

What if an exhibition could help us investigate that ever thinner boundary between real and digital? Until July 31, in the courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi and the Strozzina, Let's Get Digital! explores the new frontiers of reality and digital.

The exhibition offers a focus on the revolution in art produced by NFT, through the works of international artists such as Refik Anadol, Daniel Arsham, the collective Anyma, Krista Kim, Beeple and Andrés Reisinger.

The exhibition unfolds between multimedia experiences and digital installations that celebrate the new artistic expressions of Crypto Art, in turn based on NFT.

The exhibition is open every day; Thursday even in the evening.


Da Vinci Experience, a tribute to the genius of the Renaissance

Da Vinci Experience celebrates the greatest genius of the Renaissance with an immersive exhibition at the Cathedral of the Image, inside the church of Santo Stefano al Ponte, in Piazza Santo Stefano.

The protagonist will still be digital. In fact, thanks to a videomapping project, the visitor plunges into the history of Leonardo Da Vinci appreciating, in an unprecedented way, his most successful works.

The exhibition offers some examples of the machines designed by Leonardo - taken from the original sketches - both in scale and in full size.

The exhibition, which can be visited every day, does not yet have an end date.


Book now your stay at Grand Hotel Adriatico, discover the largest miniature train museum in Europe and the most anticipated exhibitions of the Florentine summer.


June, big events arrive in Florence

June marks the return of major events to Florence. The city is preparing to welcome numerous tourists who will arrive in the cradle of the Renaissance to attend two major events: Firenze Rocks and Pitti Uomo.      


Firenze Rocks is back, two years later   


Two years after the forced stop due to the restrictive measures aimed at containing the contagion and the spread of covid-19, Firenze Rocks returns home to the Visarno Arena.   

It starts with a bang. Green Day will take the stage on Thursday 16th June. With over 70 million records sold and over 10 billion streams, they are among the most popular punk rock bands in the world. To open the evening, there will be the Weezer, a multi-platinum band that won a Grammy Award, considered on a par with the Oscar for cinema.   

The following day it will be the turn of Muse. The most famous contemporary rock-progressive band returns to Italy after the three dates (in Milan and Rome) of the Simulation Theory World Tour in 2019. Before them, there are The Mysterines and Placebo to warm the hearts of all fans.   

Saturday 18 June the Red Hot Chili Peppers arrive, with the line-up in full force. The international tour of the US band will also count on the return of the historic guitarist John Frusciante. To inaugurate the day, Remi Wolf and Nas.   

Final with a bang. Sunday 19 June will be the turn of Metallica, led by James Hetfiled. Greta Van Fleet (now acclaimed all over the world) and Jerry Cantrell will open the dance. Already founder and leader of the Alice in Chians group, in 2012 the popular Guitar World magazine placed him in 37th place in the ranking of the 100 most famous guitarists of all time. 


June, also Pitti Immagine in Florence 

For a few days at the same time as Firenze Rocks there will be Pitti Immagine Uomo. From 14 to 17 June, the doors of the Fortezza da Basso will open for all lovers of men's fashion. The perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the latest trends of the big names. 
The "Isola" concept will be at the center of the whole event and will also reverberate in the settings in the square and in the pavilions of the Fortress. Pitti_Island defines its characteristics as an island, a fixed point of encounter and comparison. For Pitti Uomo, the Island allows you to experiment, reflect and regenerate yourself. 
For Pitti Immagine Bimbo, the island is transformed into the "Treasure Island", a place for play and relationships. The event dedicated to children will take place from 22 to 24 June, again at the Fortezza da Basso. The event will take you on a real journey in search of the styles of the great brands that will leave a significant mark throughout 2022. 
Pitti Immagine Filati will close the event, from 29 June to 1 July, again at the Fortezza da Basso. In this context, the lush vegetation of the island becomes a material to be woven and experimented in, in which to discover the naturalness and purity of the fabrics. 

A June with great expectations for Florence. Book your stay at the Grand Hotel Adriatico, do not miss two highly anticipated events with an international flavor. 

"Donatello, the Renaissance" the unmissable exhibition

Palazzo Strozzi Foundation and the Bargello Museums present the unrepeatable Donatello exhibition, the Renaissance.


In the name of Donatello

From 19 March to 31 July 2022, Palazzo Strozzi and the Bargello National Museum open their doors to a historical and unique exhibition of its kind.

The exhibition projects the visitor to the origins of Donatello's artistic career, guiding him throughout his career.

Located between two museums, the intent of its curator Francesco Caglioti is the desire to make the works of art of one of the most influential masters of Italian art ever interact with other masterpieces by other artists.

Donatello's works will confront the inventiveness of Masaccio, Raphael, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Giovanni Bellini and Andrea Mantegna, in a riot of beauty that can rarely be seen in a single exhibition.


An international event

The celebration of Donatello's genius therefore takes place in dialogue with museums, institutions and collections in and around Florence.

Not only. The contribution of international collaborations is also very important, thanks to which the space for reflection is widened with respect to the works of the master.

Time, techniques, genres and materials unfold in a global dimension, allowing you to fully appreciate the artistic production of the entire Donatellian universe.

Palazzo Strozzi Foundation and Bargello Museums have collaborated with the Staatliche Museen in Berlin and the Victoria Albert Museum in London to organize and promote the exhibition.

When? From March 19th to July 31st, every day from 10 to 20. On Thursday museums open until 11.00 pm. 


Book a stay with our special offer and discover the fascinating exhibition.

The magic of Christmas holidays in Florence

When the Christmas spirit pervades the streets of Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance offers a wonderful spectacle. From the Feast of the Immaculate Conception to New Year's Eve, passing through December 25th, there are some places that give back all the magic of Christmas.

The Markets in Piazza Santa Corce and in Piazza Santissima Annunziata

After the forced break of a year, the delightful Christmas market returns to Piazza Santa Croce, inaugurating the entrance to the city in the festive atmosphere. It starts on November 20 and, until December 19, the appointment is set every day from 10 to 22

Over fifty stands are expected in the square, as per tradition housed within the wooden stalls. A golden opportunity to go in search of handcrafted Christmas gifts and let yourself be conquered by exquisite gastronomic specialties from all over Italy and abroad. 

Among the stands set up there will also be the Santa Claus House, a true center of attraction for the little ones. Thanks also to live music, there will be opportunities for fun for adults too. 

For the whole day of 8 December the appointment is fixed with the famous Fierucola market in Piazza Ss. Annunziata. This market-meeting focuses on the taste and goodness of products grown at zero kilometer, together with the splendid products made by Florentine artisans. 


The Florence Cathedral, the Christmas tree and the nativity scene 

The start of the holiday season is accompanied by the lighting of the majestic Christmas tree in Piazza Duomo. Located in front of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the event attracts a large number of enthusiasts and onlookers. 

The inauguration ceremony usually takes place in the presence of some representatives of the institutions. Animations and concerts will be at the center of the evening even after the Christmas tree is turned on. 

The nativity scene of the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore will be set up in the same square. In the churchyard of the Cathedral will be placed some statues that reproduce the Nativity, handcrafted with the famous terracotta of Impruneta and built in natural dimensions. 


New Year's Eve 2021, Florence dressed up 

On the last night of the year, Florence dresses up and floods its streets with joy and fun. The classic New Year's Eve is staged in the restaurants, with set menus (mostly based on Tuscan cuisine) that will gently accompany the start of the new year. 

Between concerts, performances and shows, there are many initiatives planned in the most important squares of the historic center of Florence. Everything is set up to experience a magical evening full of fun, art and culture and thus welcome 2022 in the best possible way. 


Florence, is the time to relax

Florence is not just beauty, art and culture. Whether it is a business trip or a pleasure trip, in the cradle of the Renaissance you cannot give up the beneficial and regenerating effect of massages. Before visiting the monuments of the city or returning after shopping in the center, regenerate body and mind with a treatment organized by our hotel, alone or as a couple. Alternatively - or in addition - the Grand Hotel Adriatico offers facial treatments, manicures and pedicures.


Holistic massage: balance between body and spirituality


Restoring balance and harmony between body, mind and spirit: this is the goal of the holistic massage. The philosophy of treatment has its roots directly in holistic medicine. The latter focuses on individual well-being, both in an interior perspective and in relation to the external environment.

Holistic massage professionals act on the so-called energy meridians. According to some oriental medicines, the energy meridians are considered to be all those channels present in every organism and within which vital energy flows. By manipulating these points, the proponents of this type of massage find a 360-degree balance that also involves the emotional part of a person.


Swedish massage: widespread well-being


Swedish massage is one of the most popular treatments in the Western world. The name derives directly from the country where it was born, even if it is known to most as “standard traditional massage”, “western basic massage”, “western classic massage”.

The goal of the Swedish massage is to spread a general feeling of well-being in the individual, both physically and mentally. Professionals rely on specific massage oils and different body manipulation techniques that generally involve all parts of the body. The techniques used consist of brushing, rubbing, percussion, kneading and friction.


Couple massage: between emotion and sharing


The couple's massage is a very popular type of treatment that allows you to share the experience of a relaxing message with another person (be it a partner, relative or friend).

In this type of treatment, sharing of the moment plays a fundamental role, thanks to a room specially designed to enhance every moment of the experience, with soft lighting and background music.


Whether it is a massage or a specific treatment - face, manicure and pedicure - do not miss the opportunity to stay at Grand Hotel Adriatico, allowing yourself a moment of relaxation, alone or in company. Book by clicking here.

The summer of Florence between events and exhibitions

After the relaxation of the restrictive measures, Florence has reopened its doors to tourists, who have resumed moving for both business and pleasure reasons. Thanks also to the rich schedule of events and initiatives, a summer full of unmissable events promises to be experienced, all to be experienced by staying at the Grand Hotel Adriatico.


The museums of the historic center


14 "new" rooms with 129 works, some of which have never been exhibited before. It seems almost impossible to enrich such a rich and wonderful offer, but as early as 4 May the Uffizi have presented their great news to the public.

The rooms, located on the first floor of the Gallery, will therefore house the 129 works so far exhibited only on the occasion of temporary exhibitions. Thanks to a rethinking of the museum itinerary, the visitor will be immersed in an all-encompassing experience that will lead him to contemplate the Uffizi in all its beauty. The latest generation glass without refractivity also contributes to a visit that promises to be unforgettable, making it possible, as never before, to admire the museum's masterpieces up close.

What about Dante's celebratory events? In the year that marks the 700th anniversary of his birth, Florence is preparing to celebrate the poet in a big way. The events are many, located in various points of the city. Do not miss the appointment at the Dante's House Museum. Located in the historic center of Florence, the poet's house has undergone a technological renewal in a multimedia key, aimed at ensuring visitors a more interactive involvement in his life and works.

The most exciting part of the sensory experience is found inside Room 7. "The Love that moves the sun and the other stars" is the title of the immersive show that will allow you to support Dante in his otherworldly journey, among valuable performances visual and sound suggestions.

Palazzo Strozzi will project visitors into a modern artistic scenario with the exhibition “American Art 1961-2001”, staged from 28 May to 29 August. The collections of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis are on their way, for an extraordinary journey through stages among the most important and iconic works that have marked American art from the beginning of the Vietnam War to the September 11 attack on the Twin Towers. American modern art will be celebrated with more than 80 works of art by 53 different artists, including Andy Warhol and Kara Walker.


From historical football to concerts


From 14 to 27 July Florence will sing under the stars. In Piazza Santissima Annunziata, as part of the MusArt Festival, some great international artists will return to the stage to give emotions in the open. Not far from the Duomo, Piazza Santissima Annunziata is the ideal setting for artistic performances, thanks to its stylistic harmony, rendered by arcades and twin buildings that seem to frame an enchanting natural stage.

Florence will greet the summer with one of the most anticipated events of the year, that of “calcio in costume”. After a year in which the tournament was not played, the show was scheduled in September - and not in June, as usual, during the period of the patron saint of the city - to allow people to watch from the stands.

The Whites of Santo Spirito, the Greens of San Giovanni, the Blues of Santa Croce and the Reds of Santa Maria Novella are ready to battle to be crowned winners of the much acclaimed prize in the city. The period changes, but not the place: in fact, Piazza Santa Croce will always host the event.


For those who choose to spend their holidays in Florence, all that remains is to book a stay at the Grand Hotel Adriatico and choose the events to participate in and the places to see.

Pitti 2021, a taste of normality

We are almost there. Pitti Immagine Uomo will be staged from 30 June to 2 July, simultaneously with Pitti Bimbo, both hosted at the Fortezza da Basso. Their vocation is clear: they are real epicenters of artistic inspiration, thanks to the ability to anticipate and guide the trends of the next period in terms of fashion, costume and lifestyle.

Pitti Filati 2021 will instead be held at the Stazione Leopolda, a highly anticipated event in which it will be possible to know, appreciate and admire all the products of the most cult names in the world of knitwear and all those companies that have made eco-sustainability a real vocation.

In the city, eccentric and extravagant characters are expected who have always represented the avant-garde of style in the world. The aperitif time becomes an unmissable event; the streets of the big names become the stage for an open-air show.

Stopping in a hotel in the historic center is therefore a real must. The Grand Hotel Adriatico is located just 5 minutes walk from the famous Via Tornabuoni and the gateway to the coolest neighborhood in Florence: San Frediano.

In September the “Fragranze” kermesse will close the circle of Pitti, staged from 17 to 19 September at the Stazione Leopolda. During the three days, it will be possible to delight in the world of artistic perfumery, the undisputed star of the late summer edition.


Florence, not only Pitti


Pitti Immagine represents only the beginning of the recovery of the events and congresses sector, which has always found a privileged welcome in Florence. From large events to small ones, the Grand Hotel Adriatico offers a tailor-made solution for every need.

Our meeting rooms are always in great demand also for their centrality and comfort: in the historic center, with dedicated parking and only 200 meters from the Santa Maria Novella train station. The bright rooms, the high level of technological comfort and an attentive and friendly welcome make the hotel's meeting rooms always in great demand.


Florence between cultural and gastronomic tourism


Traditional tourism is also lending a hand to the revival of the Cradle of the Renaissance.

Cultural tourism, which has always been the beating heart of the city, has come back to life with all the museums open: from the Uffizi Gallery to the Accademia passing through the city's Cathedrals, Florence has finally reopened the doors of its treasures envied in worldwide.

The jewel of this summer is the unmissable temporary exhibition of Palazzo Strozzi. From May 28th to August 29th 2021 the AMERICAN ART 1961-2001 - The collections of the Walker Art Center from Andy Warhol to Katara Wallker lands in Florence. One more reason to visit Florence and get lost in the wonders scattered throughout the city.

And the gastronomic tourism? Even the poor florentine cuisine is among the main elements of attraction. Find the hidden treasures among the city's kitchens, let yourself be captivated by the charm of the historic trattorias and wander among the many clubs in the center to start the evening with delicious aperitifs.


Our Opera Restaurant also offers an exciting journey into the heart of tuscan cuisine. To guide you through a thousand flavors there will be the gourmet menu of sea and land, in the sweet company of wines expertly combined with the dishes proposed by the chef.

Hints of spring, it is the riot of smell

Winter is about to give way to spring, which is now upon us. With the arrival of summer, the air becomes lighter, longer days and more relaxed faces, while flowers begin to bloom and dress in the best clothes that nature offers them. A real sight and smell, delighted by pleasant and seductive perfumes. Florence in spring offers a postcard show, thanks to incredible works of art to be admired in all their splendor on lovely spring days.


The favorite destination of the season is the Officina del Profumo di Santa Maria Novella, which in spring shows itself in all its splendor, thanks to the seasonal products that ensure a riot of delicious fragrances on the nose of each person.



Officina del Porfumo of Santa Maria Novella, a bit of history


Also known as "Pharmacy" and "Antica Spezieria", the Officina del Profumo is located in via della Scala 16, in a portion of the convent of Santa Maria Novella. It is considered the oldest pharmacy in Europe, given its period of uninterrupted activity that has lasted for over four centuries. Its longevity also ranks it among the oldest shops of all time in the world, which is why a stamp celebrating its historicity has been dedicated to it. Already in 1831 we find traces of its existence: in fact, the sale of disinfectant rose water, especially in times of epidemics, by the Dominican friars of Santa Maria Novella, the first owners of the building, is documented. The modern structure dates back to 1612, when the friars also carried out the spice business. In 1866 it became property of the municipality of Florence, before being rented by Cesare Augusto Stefani, whose heirs still manage the business today.



At the heart of perfumes


No longer a pharmacy, today the Officina del Profumo is a perfumery and herbalist's shop, where you can appreciate a rich variety of perfumes. The environment is made suggestive by the considerable amount of decorations and sumptuous furnishings, made in different periods and by the collection of scientific material such as thermometers, mortars, scales, measuring spoons etc., which strongly nourish its charm. The Sales Hall, originally one of the chapels that made up the convent, is a gift that the wealthy florentine Acciaioli family made to the community of Dominican friars of the time. The frescoes found on the cross vault were made by Paolino Sarti and represent the four continents, which are called to represent, in a metaphorical key, the world fame of the Pharmacy and its products. To the right of the Sales Room you enter the Green Room, once used for the reception of special guests, who were served some specialties of the pharmacy, such as Alkermes, China or chocolate, a drink that was then very fashionable. The Antica Spezieria room, once reserved for sale, now houses large quantities of rare and fragrant spices. The vaulted ceiling, built in the eighteenth century, has a rich decoration consisting of fantastic animals, sphinxes, dragons and golden eagles. The Sacristy and ancient production laboratories now used as a museum complete the picture of a unique structure of its kind, where it is possible to experience the explosion of the scent of flowers in spring in an amplified way, thanks to a rich selection that will satisfy all tastes.



Easter in Florence, where to spend it


Sunday 19 April is the day on which Easter is celebrated this year. Florence is undoubtedly a splendid setting where to live the Easter holiday and Easter Monday, thanks to the wonderful works of art of the city, depositories of timeless charm and beauty. The appointment with which the celebration of Easter kicks off is the well-known burst of the wagon, which takes place every Easter Sunday, at around 10 am. Born more than 300 years ago, this tradition sees the so-called "Brindellone" as its absolute protagonist, a 9-meter-high wagon that is pulled by oxen from its warehouse, located in Via Il Prato, to Piazza Duomo. Here, during the mass, around 11, the Archbishop of Florence lights the "Colombina", or a rocket in the shape of a dove (symbol of the Holy Spirit) that reaches the "Brindellone" to set it on fire, thus triggering the fireworks uprights on it. According to tradition, if the "Colombina" returns to the altar, it will be a good omen for a positive and lucky year. The spectacle of the fire of the wagon leaves tourists and Florentines open-mouthed every year, who always respond in large numbers to the rite of the Easter celebration.



MIDA, the International Craft Exhibition of Florence


From the 25th of April to the 1st of May the 84th International Craft Show in Florence will be staged at the Fortezza da Basso, which welcomes many visitors every year. Artisans and artisan enterprises will exhibit their works, imbued with a sense of variety, richness and quality that will well illustrate the dynamics of a sector that is both hereditary and innovative. The exhibition hours are from 10:00 to 22:00. The inauguration is scheduled for Friday 24 April from 15:00 to 22:00.

Viareggio and the Carnival, a fantastic combination

The Viareggio Carnival is the event par excellence of the Viareggio area. Considered one of the most important Carnival events in the world, the allegorical floats that animate the parades address, in a satirical key, the major themes that characterize current events: from national and international political ones, passing through environmental and social issues, these are the instances staged every year.


This edition will start on Saturday 1st February, to end on Tuesday 25 of the same month, that is, on the occasion of the "fat" Tuesday.


Masks and colors, the magic of carnival transforms the whole country


It is a real explosion of colors to frame the Carnival of Viareggio, thanks also to the multiple colors that distinguish the floats. All this is made possible thanks to papier-mâché, a preparation made up of water, glue, plaster and paper which allows it to be decorated with acrylic colors or tempera. In addition to the floats, the majestic intertwining of colors that animates the event is fueled by the masked parties that, as tradition dictates, distinguish the city of Viareggio, both day and night. Music, masks and lots of fun are the cornerstones of these festivals, which are mainly consumed within the districts, where it is possible to savor the most popular part of the town. Between allegorical floats and masked parties, you will find yourself in front of a unique show of its kind which, every year, attracts tourists who love Carnival from all over the world.


Carnival sweets, essential goodness


Not only masks and colors, but also a fine variety of desserts for all palates. We cannot say that we have fully tasted the taste of the Viareggio Carnival if we have not tried the irresistible flavor of sweet pancakes, filled with rice and very sweet raisins. Not least are the "cenci", delicious delicacies to be enjoyed in two versions, cooked in the oven or fried in a pan. Both to be tried, the crispy pastry sprinkled with a veil of sugar will ensure an explosion of incredible flavors, which will satisfy even the most demanding palates. Finally, on this list you cannot miss the "Ondine", fried cakes filled with cream that owe their name to the mask of "Ondina", that is to the companion of Burlamacco, official mask of the Viareggio carnival since 1931.


Florence and the "Children's Carnival" in Borgo Ognissanti


In Florence, however, Borgo Ognissanti will host one of the flagship events of the Florentine carnival: it will be a party dedicated exclusively to children to animate the famous Florentine district. Non-stop animations, circus shows, inflatable shiny workshops, puppet shows and make-up for children: a show built specifically for the little ones, thanks to the precious work of the Borgognissanti Association. The "Children's Carnival of Florence" is the most participated Carnival party in the city, in which there is no shortage of moments of entertainment and aggregation even for adults.


Valentine's Day and the places of Florence full of romance


February is the month of Carnival, but not least is the feast of lovers, Valentine's Day. What better opportunity to experience the magic of passion and love in a city like Florence, perhaps by smacking a kiss on your loved one in one of the symbolic places of the city? Piazzale Michelangelo, the most loved and popular terrace in Florence, is undoubtedly a privileged destination for spending a Valentine's Day in the name of romance. Ponte Vecchio ensures unparalleled emotion close to the historic center of the city. From the Bellosguardo hill instead, you can contemplate a beautiful panorama that embraces the whole city, exchanging tender promises of love. Even in the Parnaso Gardens, located inside the Horticultural Garden, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city, romantically sitting on the benches inside. For a very special Valentine's Day, do not miss the night vision of the "Tepidarium del Roster", a splendid liberty style greenhouse, which is magically illuminated as soon as the sun sets, giving a touch of further magic to the whole park.


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